ZipMatch City Guides: A Quick Solution to Avoid the Hassle Brought by the Faulty Train System in Metro Manila

Can bullet trains really solve the problem?

When I heard about the news that a government sector has been eyeing a new bullet train project that will eventually bridge the miles between Metro Manila and Clark International Airport, I was astonished at first. But suddenly, I ended up scratching the back of my head while voluntarily crumpling a few of my facial muscles.

I realized that this may doesn't sound as good as two thumbs up at all. I understand though that this may be a sign of a fast growing and developing economy, but I felt more bothered about how our recent MRT/LTR (Metro Rail Transit/ Light Rail Transit) scenario really looks like everyday. I guess, this needs more attention than laying out another more grandiose and expensive plan like putting up a new railway system for bullet trains just to reduce the travel time going to the airport in Clark (and to other provinces).

Please take time to watch this video so you'll understand what I am talking about:

However, it's not yet too late to resolve the problem. I heard that both the private sectors and the government are working hand in hand now to resolve the worsening problem though it might not be the fastest solution one might be expecting.

Because of this, I remember ZipMatch once again. If you have not read my very first article about it, you can read it here.

Why ZipMatch? There are quite a few good reasons.

To avoid the 'fever' that can be brought by the metro trains everytime you go to work or school in the morning, why not consider relocation, which means finding your new, ideal home that is more  accessible and near enough to your workplace or school?

I tried going back to ZipMatch City Guides, and this really turned out to be a breezy experience.

ZipMatch City Guides is like a quick directorymore like a travel brochure in a snap. As what you can see on the screenshot below, it strategically showcases each and every prime location within Metro Manila and even some of its suburbs.

ZipMatch City Guides could be your first step in finding your new home

So for instance, if you love to live in Manila, you might change your mind after seeing great spots around Bonifacio Global City, Tagaytay or even in Batangas.

Kasa Luntian - a preselling leisure condo complex in Tagaytay can be an ideal choice!

If you just can't live not seeing the city lights in the evening, you might as well want to check up some condominiums around Makati. If you are a leisure-loving yet workaholic type of person, this location will greatly work for you.

This screenshot photo is taken from ZipMatch's high resolution, 360 degree-view panorama. Try it here!

Imagine yourself having a home so close to your favorite spots without experiencing the hassle of the country's faulty train system. Imagine spending extended hours with your family and love ones since you don't need to fall in line with the huge crowd just to get a train ticket. Imagine travelling to your school or workplace in just 5-10 minutes. Imagine waking up an hour before your call time. Now, imagine what would life be with your ideal home.

I believe in ZipMatch's limitless capabilities when it comes to finding a home for everyone. I kept on mentioning them from my past articles because I want to share the good news behind its name as the modern innovator of today's real estate. To learn more about ZipMatch, sign up for free and get some tips and updates from its home-finding team of experts!

Today, we surely do not need to sugarcoat the fact that the Philippines owns one of the world's worst railway systems. But despite this, I am still hoping to get this fixed. Though the government can no longer offer a faster way to get you to your workplace faster with all the needed comfort, safety and ease along the way, I believe that ZipMatch can make it better for you though. I'm telling you, it's never too late to make that change.

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